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Identification of the novel potential pathogen Trueperella pecoris with interspecies significance by LAMP diagnostics

Trueperella pecoris was described as a new species of the genus Trueperella in 2021 and might be pathogenic to various animal species. However, the lack of a suitable diagnostic test system stands in the way of epidemiological surveys to clarify possible causalities. In this study, a Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) assay was developed and validated that was highly specific for T. pecoris. The assay provided an analytical sensitivity of 0.5 pg/25 µL and showed 100% inclusivity and exclusivity for 11 target and 33 non-target strains, respectively. Three different DNA extraction methods were evaluated to select the most LAMP-compatible method for cell disruption in pure and complex samples. Using an on-site applicable single-buffer DNA extraction with additional heating, the cell-based detection limit was 2.3 CFU/reaction. Finally, the LAMP assay was validated by means of artificially contaminated porcine lung tissue samples in which minimal microbial loads between 6.54 and 8.37 × 103 CFU per swab sample were detectable. The LAMP assay established in this study represents a suitable diagnostic procedure for identifying T. pecoris in clinical specimens and will help to collect epidemiological data on the pathogenicity of this species.


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