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Wild boar density data generated by camera trapping in nineteen European areas

This report presents the resultsof fieldactivities in relation to the generation of reliable wild boar density values by camera trapping(CT)in 19 areas in Europe, mainly in East Europe. Random Encounter Model (REM)densities ranged from 0.35±0.24 to 15.25±2.41 (SE) individuals/km2. No statistical differences in density among bioregions were found.The number of contacts was the component of the trapping rate that determined the coefficient of variation (CV)the most. The daily  range  (DR)significantly  varied  as  a  function  of management;the  higher  values were detected in hunting grounds compared to protected areas, indicatingthat movement parametersare population specific, and confirmingthe potential role of hunting activities in increasing wild boar movement and contact rates among individual or groups.The results presentedin this report illustratethat a harmonized approach to actual wildlife density estimation(namely for terrestrial mammals)is possible at a European scale, sharing the same protocols, collaboratively designing the study, processing, and analysingthe data. This report adds reliable wild boar density values that have the potential to be used for wild boar abundance spatial modelling, both directly or to calibrate outputs of model based on abundance (such as hunting bags) or occurrence data.Future REM  developments  should  focus  on  improving  the  precision of  estimates  (probably  through increased  survey  effort).Next  stepsrequire an  exhaustive and representative  design of  a monitoring network to estimate reliable trends of wild boar populations as a function of different factorsin Europe.In this regard, the newly created European Observatory of Wildlife will be a network of observation points provided by collaborators from all European countries capable to monitor wildlife population at European level


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