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Sox9, Hopx, and survivin and tuft cell marker DCLK1 expression in normal canine intestine and in intestinal adenoma and adenocarcinoma

Self-renewal of the intestinal epithelium originates from stem cells located at the crypt base. Upregulation of various stem cell markers in intestinal epithelial neoplasms indicates a potential role of stem cells in tumorigenesis. In this study, the immunoreactivity of potential intestinal stem cell markers (Sry box transcription factor 9 [Sox9], homeodomain-only protein [Hopx], survivin) and tuft cell marker doublecortin-like kinase 1 (DCLK1) in normal canine intestine and intestinal epithelial neoplasms was investigated. Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) small and large intestine as well as intestinal neoplasms (55 colorectal adenomas [CRAs], 17 small intestinal adenocarcinomas [SICs], and 12 colorectal adenocarcinomas [CRCs]) were analyzed immunohistologically. Potential stem cell markers Sox9, Hopx, and survivin were detected in the crypts of normal canine small and large intestine. DCLK1+ tuft cells were present in decreasing numbers along the crypt-villus axis of the jejunum and rarely detectable in large intestine. In canine intestinal epithelial tumors, nuclear Sox9 immunoreactivity was detectable in 84.9% (CRA), 80% (CRC), and 77% of epithelial neoplastic cells (SIC). Hopx and survivin were expressed within cytoplasm and nuclei of neoplastic cells in benign and malignant tumors. DCLK1 showed a cytoplasmic reaction within neoplastic cells. The combined score of Hopx, DCLK1, and survivin varied among the examined cases. Overall, malignant tumors showed lower DCLK1 scores but higher Hopx scores in comparison with benign tumors. For survivin, no differences were detectable. In conclusion, stem cell markers Sox9, Hopx, and survivin were detectable at the crypt base and the immunoreactivity of Sox9, DCLK1, survivin, and Hopx was increased in canine intestinal adenomas and adenocarcinomas compared with normal mucosa.


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