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Publication activities relating to digital teaching and learning in the GMS Journal for Medical Education : a descriptive analysis (1984–2020)

Aims and objectives: Digital teaching, learning and assessment have been part of medical education and continuing education for decades. The objective of this review paper is to highlight developments and perspectives in these areas in the GMS Journal for Medical Education (GMS JME).

Methodology: In the spring of 2020, we conducted a systematic literature search of the Journal for Medical Education (JME) and analysed the articles with regard to different categories such as article type, digital tools used or mode of data collection.

Results: Of the 132 articles analysed, 78 were digital interventions (53 of which were exploratory-descriptive), 28 were project descriptions, 16 were surveys of needs or equipment and 10 were concept papers. About one-third of the studies and project reports each dealt with virtual patients or case-based learning, whereas no articles were published on trends such as serious games or virtual reality. Overall, our analysis shows that in many respects, the studies on digital teaching were more broadly based, especially between 2006 and 2010, after which this trend tended to decline again.

Conclusions: Our analysis shows that publications in the JME consider some key aspects of digital teaching in medical education and continuing education, such as educational videos or virtual patients. The variability of information and methods of presentation advocate the use of guidelines to optimise the quality of scientific papers. Furthermore, clues for future research topics and experimental study designs are identified.



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