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A shared item repository for progress testing in European veterinary schools

Progress testing offers both valid longitudinal formative assessment of the individual students' cognitive skills growth within the tested subject areas as well as a tool for educators to monitor potential educational gaps and mismatches within the curriculum in relation to the basic veterinary learning outcomes. Evidence from Medical Schools shows that periodic formative assessments enhance learning by providing objective evidence-based cumulative feedback to students, and/or reduce stressrelated reduction in students learning.

In this project, six veterinary institutions in cooperation with EAEVE, aim to establish and implement a common procedure for valid longitudinal assessment of knowledge and cognitive skills in their curricula. Main goals are to reduce skills gaps within veterinary programs of schools: at student and curricular level and between curricula.

A common quality assurance system for validation and blue-printing of test items for formative progress testing covering subject areas compliant with EAEVE competence and assessment standards has been established. A large item repository for progress testing is being created by trail testing and psychometrically validating items. First trial tests show that the submitted items fulfill the requirements for measuring progress in students. Simultaneously, a common assessment procedure is being implemented. Teachers are trained in constructing valid test items and familiarized with psychometric data analysis for validation purposes using an on-line MOOC, developed as part of this project. In addition, hands-on training is provided through training events and students are familiarized with progress testing by a YouTube tutorial.

This project is supported by Erasmus+ KA203-2020-001,



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