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Rindermedizin – Was ist Ihre Diagnose?


Therapy of a high-grade balanoposthitis with partial penile and preputial prolapse after unsuccessful initial therapy of a ten-year-old dexter bull. Two punctures, about 1 cm depth were found at the base of the prolapsed tissue, which were probably caused by partially perforating U-stitches by the local veterinarian. The highly inflamed and swollen tissue disabled the penis to retract. The prolapse was repositioned and the preputial opening was partially closed using a modified Buhner stitch. Consecutively, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs were administered, and regular wound toilets were performed. After 14 days, the increase in circumference at the base of the prolapse was partially removed and histopathologically identified as pyogranulomatous inflammation. Surgery was repeated two weeks later. Potentia coeundi could thus be re-established. This case shows that regular breeding hygienic examinations are of great importance in order to identify morphological changes in early stages and to treat them adequately.


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