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A One Health perspective on a multi-hurdle approach to combat Campylobacter spp. in broiler meat

Purpose of review

This review focuses on the current knowledge of factors and steps that promote survival and distribution of Campylobacter spp. along the food production chain as well as the practicability and sustainability of different control options for controlling Campylobacter on broiler farms.

Recent findings

Different measures are available for reducing Campylobacter in the food production chain. Some of these options might alter the properties of this highly adaptable pathogen, and their suitability could depend on the individual characteristics of the farm. Single measures might not result in a sufficient public health effect. However, only few studies focus on a combined effect of different control options.


For a One Health approach, a multi-hurdle strategy should be developed and individually tailored to the needs of the respective farm. Integrated knowledge on efficacy, mode of action and practical aspects should be considered in this approach. Further research on Campylobacter adaptation and combined measures is urgently required.


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