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Bivalent AS04-adjuvanted HPV vaccine provides optimal cancer prevention for HPV types not included in the vaccine

All available HPV vaccines contain oncogenic types 16 and 18, most often found in HPV-related cancers and precursor lesions, but they differ in their valence and adjuvant potency. The quadri- and nonavalent HPV vaccines both contain additional types 6 and 11, related to anogenital warts, while the nonavalent vaccine contains another five types that are less frequently found in cancers. The bivalent vaccine is adjuvanted by AS04. Phase-III randomised controlled trials and population-based studies on bi- and quadrivalent vaccines suggest that the two vaccines when administered to HPV-naive persons, are optimally effective in preventing cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia grade 3 or greater, caused by types 16 or 18 (specific protection). In addition, the bivalent vaccine, but not the quadrivalent vaccine, cross-protects against HPV types not contained in the vaccine. The advantage of the quadrivalent vaccine to provide additional protection against anogenital warts, should not be traded for a lower overall efficacy in preventing pre-cancerous lesions and eventually cancer.


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