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The B-type natriuretic peptide of the Congo and Timneh grey parrot

In captivity, cardiovascular diseases are common in grey parrots. The diagnosis of these diseases in living birds is difficult, and new diagnostic possibilities would be desirable. The heart is an important endocrine organ in which cardiomyocytes synthetise B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) and release it into the bloodstream. This hormone has a significant role in cardiovascular and body fluid regulation. The blood concentration of BNP is used in human medicine and small animal medicine as a diagnostic tool in the identification of heart diseases and as a prognostic marker for the risk of mortality. The nucleotide and amino acid sequence of BNP was described in Congo (n = 4) and Timneh (n = 3) grey parrots by PCR after RNA isolation from the atria and ventricles. The results showed a high similarity between the nucleotide sequences of the grey parrots' BNP and the already known sequence of this hormone in chickens. The amino acid sequence of the mature peptide region is consistent in these three species. BNP plasma concentration could be a possible blood parameter for identifying clinically manifest cardiovascular diseases in grey parrots as it is in other species.


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