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Communication as teaching content of veterinary studies : a joint position paper from the DVG specialist group "communication and didactics" and the GMA veterinary medicine committee

Veterinarians have to face many communicative challenges in their professional capacity. Successful professional communication increases satisfaction among pet owners, staff members and colleagues, and ultimately also the veterinarians' own satisfaction. On the other hand, unsuccessful communication can easily lead to rejection, distrust and dissatisfaction. However, communicative skills are not explicitly taught as part of the compulsory courses in veterinary medicine in Germany. The position paper of the GMA Veterinary Medicine Committee and the DVG work group Didactics and Communication Competence describes the importance of successful communication for working veterinarians as well as the training situation in Germany and addresses topics that are often discussed in connection with the implementation. The authors come to the conclusion that there is both a necessity and a possibility for the introduction of communicative training content and provide recommendations that are intended to support the sustainable introduction of courses and exams to develop the communicative skills of veterinary students.



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