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Blood transcriptome analysis of patients with uncomplicated bacterial infection and sepsis


Hospitalized patients who presented within the last 24 h with a bacterial infection were recruited. Participants were assigned into sepsis and uncomplicated infection groups. In addition, healthy volunteers were recruited as controls. RNA was prepared from whole blood, depleted from beta-globin mRNA and sequenced. This dataset represents a highly valuable resource to better understand the biology of sepsis and to identify biomarkers for severe sepsis in humans.

Data description

The data presented here consists of raw and processed transcriptome data obtained by next generation RNA sequencing from 105 peripheral blood samples from patients with uncomplicated infections, patients who developed sepsis, septic shock patients, and healthy controls. It is provided as raw sequenced reads and as normalized log2 transformed relative expression levels. This data will allow performing detailed analyses of gene expression changes between uncomplicated infections and sepsis patients, such as identification of differentially expressed genes, co-regulated modules as well as pathway activation studies.


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