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Implant-based direction of magnetic nanoporous silica nanoparticles : influence of macrophage depletion and infection

Implant associated infections are still key problem in surgery. In the present study, the combination of a magnetic implant with administered magnetic nanoporous silica nanoparticles as potential drug carriers was examined in mice in dependence of local infection and macrophages as influencing factors. Four groups of mice (with and without implant infection and with and without macrophage depletion) received a magnet on the left and a titanium control on the right hind leg. Then, fluorescent nanoparticles were administered and particle accumulations at implant surfaces and in inner organs as well as local tissue reactions were analyzed. Magnetic nanoparticles could be found at the surfaces of magnetic implants in different amounts depending on the treatment groups and only rarely at titanium surfaces. Different interactions of magnetic implants, particles, infection and surrounding tissues occurred. The general principle of targeted accumulation of magnetic nanoparticles could be proven.


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