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Perspektiven hochschulexterner Interessenvertreter zur curricularen Implementierung eines Clinical Skills Lab in der Tiermedizin

OBJECTIVE:Simulation-based teaching is gaining increasing importance in veterinary education worldwide and is by now an integral part of all German veterinary educational institutions in the form of Skills Labs. Students and teachers of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation (TiHo) showed a good acceptance for the establishment and curricular use of a Clinical Skills Lab (CSL). This study will now examine the perspectives of non-university stakeholders in order to assess the acceptance of such a facility among clinicians. In addition, experiences in implementing a CSL in veterinary teaching are taken into account by interviewing experts. MATERIAL AND METHODS:Semi-structured guided interviews were conducted with alumni of the TiHo, senior veterinarians from various German clinics and practices and leading experts from some of the largest veterinary CSLs worldwide. RESULTS:The interviews revealed a need for improvement in the clinical-practical training of veterinary students among senior veterinarians and alumni. Respondents could imagine that teaching in the CSL may play a major role in this. Overall, the participants pleaded for a mandatory implementation of simulation-based teaching in the curriculum. CONCLUSION:The study suggests that the training of clinical-practical skills of veterinary students should be continuously adapted to the requirements of the veterinary profession in a clinical environment. Non-university stakeholders seem to support the use of a CSL to improve these skills and encourage its further implementation in the curriculum.


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