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Equine idiopathic systemic granulomatous disease with manifestation in the cerebellum associated with equid gammaherpesvirus 2

Idiopathic systemic granulomatous disease (ISGD), also known as equine sarcoidosis is an uncommon disease of horses, manifesting in exfoliative dermatitis and granulomatous inflammation in various organs. The current report presents a case of a 15-year-old Hanoverian mare with a 4-month history of weight loss, recurrent fever, skin lesions, and movement disorders. Pathological examination revealed granulomatous and necrotizing inflammation in the skin, regional lymph nodes, and cerebellum. Based on histological, immunohistochemical, and microbiological findings, the diagnosis of ISGD was made. Sequencing of the polymerase chain reaction product of pooled brain tissue revealed the presence of equid gammaherpesvirus 2 DNA. This case is the first description of generalized ISGD with granulomatous dermatitis simultaneously affecting the skin and cerebellum.


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