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C-type lectins in veterinary species : recent advancements and applications

Lindenwald, Dimitri ORCID; Lepenies, Bernd GND

C-type lectins (CTLs), a superfamily of glycan-binding receptors, play a pivotal role in the host defense against pathogens and the maintenance of immune homeostasis of higher animals and humans. CTLs in innate immunity serve as pattern recognition receptors and often bind to glycan structures in damage- and pathogen-associated molecular patterns. While CTLs are found throughout the whole animal kingdom, their ligand specificities and downstream signaling have mainly been studied in humans and in model organisms such as mice. In this review, recent advancements in CTL research in veterinary species as well as potential applications of CTL targeting in veterinary medicine are outlined.


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Lindenwald, D.L., Lepenies, B., 2020. C-type lectins in veterinary species: recent advancements and applications. International journal of molecular sciences 21.
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