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Ovine C-type lectin receptor hFc-fusion protein library : A novel platform to screen for host-pathogen interactions

C-type lectin receptors (CTLRs) are pattern recognition receptors which are important constituents of the innate immunity. However, their role has mostly been studied in humans and in mouse models. To bridge the knowledge gap concerning CTLRs of veterinary relevant species, a novel ovine CTLR hFc-fusion protein library which allows in vitro ligand identification and pathogen binding studies has been established. Its utility was tested with known ligands of corresponding murine CTLRs in ELISA- and flow cytometry based binding studies. The ovine CTLR-hFc library was subsequently used in a proof-of-principle pathogen binding study with the ruminant pathogen Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. capri. Some ovine CTLRs, such as Dendritic Cell Immunoreceptor (DCIR, Clec4a), Macrophage C-Type Lectin (MCL, Clec4d) and Myeloid Inhibitory C-Type Lectin-Like Receptor (MICL, Clec12a) were identified as possible candidate receptors whose role in Mycoplasma recognition can now be unraveled in further studies. This study thus shows the utility of this novel ovine CTLR-hFc fusion protein library to screen for CTLR/pathogen interactions.


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