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The comparison of protein map between retained and released bovine placenta

Placental retention in cows may be the result of altered protein pattern in comparison to physiologically released fetal membranes. Aim of study was to separate and identify proteins from maternal and fetal part of placenta and to compare them between released and retained fetal membranes. Six not retained and 6 retained tissues were obtained from healthy cows during routinely performed caesarian section. Cows were allocated to appropriate groups retrospectively. Samples were homogenized in phosphate buffer and subjected to 2D electrophoresis. After analysis of gels selected spots were excised and proteins were identified by MS. Two-dimensional electrophoresis detected and identified 886 spots in examined tissues. Significant differences (p < .05) were noticed between appropriate parts of retained and released placenta. In maternal part of retained placenta 40 spots showed lower abundance and 47 higher abundance in comparison to healthy samples. While in fetal part of retained placenta respective values were 60 and 125 proteins. Out of 73 identified proteins, 26 were significantly different between respective maternal (19) and fetal (7) part of retained and released placenta. In summary, protein profile of released and retained placenta express the presence and abundance of different proteins. It may suggest that selected proteins could be target molecules in searching for reasons for placental retention. Further identification of spots obtained here may provide with more detailed explanation of mechanisms of placental retention.


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