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TiHoVideos : veterinary students' utilization of instructional videos on clinical skills

BACKGROUND:The YouTube channel "TiHoVideos" was created by the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation (TiHo) to enable easy, public access to the university's instructional videos as an additional support for learning clinical skills. Video production is expensive and time-consuming. To be able to optimize video production and aligning content to student needs we wanted to know if and how our students use these videos. RESULTS:Results show that the participating students primarily prepared for learning stations in the Clinical Skills Lab (CSL) by watching TiHoVideos at home on tablets or laptops and then concentrated at the CSL on learning the practical skills hands on. The videos available on TiHoVideos are rated as being a "very helpful" educational tool when preparing for CSL learning stations. CONCLUSIONS:Instructional videos represent an unquestionably suitable medium to aid veterinary students learn practical skills and a contribution to animal welfare by reducing the use of live animals in undergraduate veterinary education. The university's production of educational video material proves to be worth the effort because the videos are being used, appreciated and well-rated by TiHo students for their learning experience.


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