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Measurements of endogenous thrombin potential using the CAT method in cats : reference values and influence of the direct factor Xa inhibitor apixaban

The aim of this study was to establish a thrombin generation assay (calibrated automated thrombogram, CAT) in cats by determining the precision (repeatability), reference values, and the sensitivity to anticoagulant treatment with the factor Xa inhibitor apixaban. The CAT method was performed on citrated plasma with different commercial tissue factor (TF) reagents (PPP Reagent 1 pM [LOW], PPP Reagent 5 pM, PPP Reagent 20 pM [HIGH]) according to the manufacturers` test instruction. Measurements in triplicate were performed in platelet poor plasma (PPP) of 58 healthy cats and in 6 cats at different times following the oral administration of 2.5 mg apixaban. The median CVs in healthy cats usually were < 10% with the exception of thrombin peak height measured using PPP Reagent 1 pM (14.6%). Reference values of all parameters showed marked inter-individual variability and depended largely on the TF concentration of the used activating reagent. Thrombin generation was significantly influenced by apixaban and reacted more sensitively than other tests of haemostasis including the prothrombin time, aPTT, and rotational elastometry. In conclusion, thrombin generation measured by the CAT method using commercially available reagents seems suitable for the examination of feline PPP and may be a valuable method to establish effective anticoagulant therapies for the feline patient and monitoring of such therapies in cats.


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