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Cutaneous pigmented neurofibroma in a pig : morphology and immunohistochemical profile

Becker, Kathrin GND; Kegler, Kristel; von Altrock, Alexandra ORCID; Kuchelmeister, K.; Baumgärtner, Wolfgang GND; Wohlsein, Peter ORCID

Peripheral nerve sheath tumours are rare in pigs. In the present case, a juvenile female hybrid pig showed a solitary, pigmented, cutaneous mass. Histologically, it consisted of clustered melanin-laden, epithelioid cells as well as spindle cells forming bundles and nodules. The latter were surrounded by perineurial-like cells. Single Wagner-Meissner-like corpuscles were present. Immunohistochemically, the epithelioid cells expressed S100 protein, melan A and the p75 neurotrophin receptor (p75NTR). The spindle cells expressed S100, sex determining region Y-box 2, p75NTR, Krox20, growth associated protein 43 and glial fibrillary acidic protein. Perineurial-like cells were positive for p75NTR, α-smooth muscle actin and cytokeratin. Taken together, the histological und immunohistochemical findings support the diagnosis of a cutaneous pigmented neurofibroma.


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Becker, K. / Kegler, K. / von Altrock, A. / et al: Cutaneous pigmented neurofibroma in a pig. morphology and immunohistochemical profile. 2019.

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