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Laparoscopic resection of an exostosis of the os pubis in a horse

Delcazo, Mario; Geburek, Florian GND; Köhler, Kernt; Röcken, Michael; Theiss, Felix

OBJECTIVE:To report the diagnostic findings and laparoscopic removal of an exostosis of the os pubis in a horse. STUDY DESIGN:Case report. ANIMAL:One 12-year-old Black Forest draught gelding. METHODS:History included recurrent colic before and during urination and poor performance. Findings at rectal examination included a pointed osseous prominence adjacent to the symphysis of the pecten ossis pubis. Cystoscopy revealed that this prominence caused a protrusion of the bladder wall into the lumen. Standing laparoscopy and laparoscopy under general anesthesia were performed. RESULTS:After a failed attempt at standing laparoscopy, the horse was anesthetized, and the exostosis of the os pubis was removed laparoscopically without complications. No recurrence of clinical signs associated with the exostosis was detected 12 months postoperatively. CONCLUSION:Minimally invasive surgical resection of an exostosis of the os pubis was achieved under general anesthesia with appropriately designed instruments. This treatment alleviated symptoms associated with the exostosis, including potential injury of the urinary bladder wall.


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