Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover (TiHo)

Physiologie und Pathologie der Fortpflanzung bei Zoo-Felidae

Wenthe, Matthias

A survey of literature was made to summarize the present knowledge about the reproduction of zoo-kept felids. The survey shows that publications dealing with this subject are currently available only for 26 of the 41 felid species. The remaining species are either not kept in Zoos or rarely bred at all. Whereas our knowledge of reproduction in panthercats is quite sufficient in many ranges like age of first reproduction, characteristic of the female cycle, gestation length or average number of cubs, even the most basic data in small felids are lacking. The first chapter gives a short review of the taxonomy of felids and introduces those cats that are subject to the survey...


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Wenthe, Matthias: Physiologie und Pathologie der Fortpflanzung bei Zoo-Felidae. Hannover 1994. Tierärztliche Hochschule.


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