Guidelines for writing a thesis                                                                                         19.02.2018


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Forms of submission: Only the study path “med. vet.” can submit either 10 printed and bound copies or online (online = 3 printed and bound copies, printed forms (see: Requirements for the online submission) and files.

Font        recommended Arial, Times New Romans, Courier or similar fonts
Font        recommended size 12 pt, for references 10 pt
DIN A4 for depository copies, is printed by being reduced to DIN A5.
Printed on both sides, white copy paper, glue binding, no spiral binding

Page 1    Title page (see sample of title page)
Page 2    See sample for the second page
Page 3    Dedication. Without dedication the table of contents should begin at page 3
Page 4    Blank page (if dedication inserted)
Page 5    Table of contents

The actual text starts on the right page (odd number). The page numbers start with the text (introduction).
The thesis must have a table of contents, references, as well as a well-structured summary in German and English. In each case with the name of the doctoral candidate and title put in front.
For the preparation of the reference list we recommend the use of the guideline.

Requirements for the online submission:
- Submission form for electronic dissertations (Abgabeformular)
- Declaration of consent (Einverständniserklärung)
- HTML-file (German and English summary) on CD
- Pdf-file (exactly identical with the printed thesis) on CD, without password protection
- 3 bound copies DIN A5, printed from the pdf-file, printed on both sides
   On the cover has to be at least your name and title

URL for the files:

Don’t forget:
- Insert the second supervisor and the day of the oral examination
- The introduction starts on the right page with an odd number. Here starts the visible pagination,
  unless you have Roman numerals.
- Before the ‘Zusammenfassung’ and ‘summary’ add the title and your name.
- If your thesis is published by a publishing house you must add their pages in the pdf-file too

Included articles: Clarify existing rights with the publisher. SHERPA/RoMEO-Liste

Already published articles: Is the article already published in a journal and shall be printed in the thesis you need the publisher’s permission.
Or you replace the article with DOI number and source reference.

Manuscripts: When submitted to a publishing house, inform the publisher that the manuscript is part of a dissertation and might be published before the journal.

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