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Zoologie - Zoology
  1. Academic Info: Zoology
    An annotated directory of Internet resources on Zoology.
  2. Animal Pictures Archive
    View over 20000 images of insects, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians and birds. Also includes clipart images, animated GIFs, and animal sounds. Most of the images are from the newsgroups, in particular from alt.binaries.pictures.animals.
  3. AnimalWeb
    This website, in its entirety, will be the most comprehensive online animal-related resource on the World Wide Web. Some of the animal-related topics AnimalWeb on the horizon are: Pet and Wildlife sections, health care, breeds and top breeders, special events, legal and medical issues, training, veterinarians, pet supply centers, ethical treatment, educational resources, travel considerations, adoptions and rescue, amazing feats, "companion" and "service" work, fun and games, personal pet classifieds, stories, editorials, online chatrooms and discussion forums.
  4. eNature.com
    National Wildlife Federation.
    This general information site features more than 1,200 online field guides grouped by species that include detailed descriptions and photos. A customization feature generates focused regional guides based on your ZIP code. Other features include audio and video files of birds and backyard habitats and an online monthly newsletter.
  5. Global Zoo Directory
    Conservation Breeding Specialist Group.
    A comprehensive directory of zoos around the world, including information on the nature of each institution's collection.
  6. Internet Resource Guide for Zoology
    This index to selected quality Internet resources offers access to an immense range of zoological information. Choose to browse by subject or by animal name/group.
  7. Nomenclatural Glossary for Zoology
    This glossary is based on a text intended to aid indexers in the production of nomenclatural entries for the Zoological Record, the index to world zoological literature published by BIOSIS and the Zoological Society of London. It covers terminology commonly encountered within publications dealing with the systematics and nomenclature of animals. This version of the glossary has recently been extended to include additional terms listed in the glossary of the new Fourth Edition of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature published in September 1999.
  8. The WWW Virtual Library: Zoos
    Zoo Indexes; Links to Web Pages about Specific Zoos; Zoo Related Organizations; Zoo Related Web Pages; Related Subjects; Related Virtual Libraries.
  9. Zoologie-Online
    Bietet einen Einstieg in die taxonomisch und anatomische Welt der Zoologie. Die größte deutschprachige Zoologie-Seite ist kostenlos und bietet neben informativen Text zahlreiche Fotos.
  10. ZooWeb
    Direct link to zoos and aquariums in cyberspace.