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Verhaltenskunde - Ethology
  1. Applied Ethology
    This web page is dedicated to the field of applied animal behaviour, which deals with the behaviour of domestic animals or other animals kept in captivity. The intention with this site is to bring together a diverse set of resources students and scientists may find useful and which may also be of interest to anyone wanting to learn a bit more about animal behaviour.
  2. Encyclopedia of Farm Animal Behavior (EFAB)
    By the United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service, Southern Plains Area, Livestock Issues Research Unit, Multimedia Division.
    EFAB is a teaching and research resource aimed at those interested in applied animal ethology and in particular farm animal behaviour. Definitions of animal behaviour used in this project have been reprinted or adapted from the Dictionary of Farm Animal Behavior, second edition, by J. F. Hurnik, A. B. Webster, and P.B. Siegel, 1995 by Iowa State University Press, Ames. Video images are presented in MPG format and are accessible through an A to Z index accompanied by a definition from the encyclopaedia. Species behaviour presently covered are cattle and pigs and each image is peer-reviewed by a species panel.


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