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Tierzucht - Animal Breeding
  1. Breeds of Livestock
    by the Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University.
    This site is intended as an educational and informational resource on breeds of livestock throughout the world. We see this site as a continually growing resource. As time passes we will be expanding the educational and scientific information pertaining to breeds. We already have breeds from every inhabited continent and we have cooperative projects underway with individuals at a number of other Universities to add to our listings and to expand existing information.
  2. EAAP-Animal Genetic Data Bank
    The data bank monitors information on breeds and country populations
    - of the farm animal species buffalo, cattle, goat, sheep, horse, ass, pig, rabbits
    - in 46 EAAP member countries and other European countries
    to keep watch on development, change and risk of extinction, to encourage use and conservation of animal genetic diversity.
  3. GEH - Gesellschaft zur Erhaltung alter und gefährdeter Haustierrassen e.V.
    Informationen zur Erhaltung alter und gefährdeter Haustierrassen: Rote Liste der bedrohten Nutztierrassen; GEH-Rassekurzbeschreibungen; Gefährdete Rinder-, Pferde-, Schweine-, Schaf-, Ziegen- und Geflügelrassen; GEH-Rassebetreuer etc.
  4. Pro Specie Rara
    Stiftung zur Erhaltung des genetischen und kulturellen Erbes von Tieren und Pflanzen.
  5. Les Races Domestiques Françaises
    Les races bovines, caprines, ovines, porcines et équines françaises. Pour chacune des races présentées ont accède à des fiches détaillées avec origine, zone d'élevage, performances, schéma de sélection, aptitudes et utilisations et photographies.
  6. RBI - Rare Breeds International
    This homepage contains information concerning the activities, structure and other relevant matters in which RBI is involved. In particular: past activities - future activities - meetings - organisational structure.
  7. Rinderrassen
    Alle Rinderrassen mit Bildern, Beschreibung, Herkunft und Milchinhaltstoffen.
  8. Virtual Livestock Library
    Department of Animal Science, Oklahoma State University.
    Species specific information on beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, horses, sheep, swine, and other species; topical arrangement includes academic information, animal rights, fairs and expositions, discussion groups, market information, and on-line magazines and newsletters.
  9. VIT - Vereinigte Informationssysteme Tierhaltung
    Entwickelt Software im Bereich Tierzucht und für Anwendungen auf landwirtschaftlichen Betrieben.



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