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Tierernährung - Animal Nutrition
  1. Nutrafacts - Nutrition Informations from Roche Vitamins Inc.
    This site contains current and archived versions of the print publication, Nutrafacts. It also provides other timely information about animal nutrition and links to other nutrition related sites
  2. Nutrition Support Service
    By Tony Buffington. Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital.
    Our mission is to provide the highest quality nutritional care for our companion animal patients. As part of this effort, we developed this site to provide an easily accessible source of veterinary nutrition information for veterinary students, technicians and clinicians colleagues. Our research on the role of nutrition and bladder disease in cats also has led to the development of the Indoor Cat Initiative, which is intended to enrich the lives of indoor cats to promote their health and welfare, and to reduce the risk of stress-responsive disorders. .
  3. The Role of Chromium in Animal Nutrition
    Committee on Animal Nutrition, Board on Agriculture, National Research Council
    This book addresses recent research on chromium in animal diets; metabolic interactions between chromium and other nutrients; assessments of form and species interactions; supplementation effects; bioavailability of chromium forms and sources; and effects of diet composition, stressors, and animal physiological status on chromium utilization. It also provides recommendations on the essentiality of dietary chromium in domestic animal species and guidelines for use of dietary chromium.
  4. The Use of Drugs in Food Animals - Benefits and Risks
    A report by the Committee on Drug Use in Food Animals of the National Research Council.



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