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Virologie - Virology
  1. All the Virology on the WWW
    Collection of all the virology related Web sites that might be of interest to the fellow virologists, and others interested in learning more about viruses
  2. AVIS - Animal Virus Information System
    The Animal Virus Information System (AVIS) is produced by the Bioinformatics Distributed Information Centre, University of Pune, Pune, India. Animal viruses are described. At present information on more than 1700 viruses is available.
  3. Big Picture Book of Viruses
    Is intended to serve as both a catalog of virus pictures on the Internet and as an educational resource to those seeking more information about viruses.
  4. ICTVdB - The Universal Virus Database
    International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses. Developed and maintained by Cornelia Büchen-Osmond.
    Aspires to "describe all viruses of animals (vertebrates, invertebrates, protozoa), plants (higher plants and algae), bacteria, fungi, and archaea from the family level down to strains and isolates."
  5. Introduction to Molecular Virology
    An electronic introduction to molecular virology. By Ed Rybicki, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Cape Town.
    Contents: What is a virus? - Virions - Classification of viruses - Genome diversity - Virus ultrastructure - Origins of viruses - Emerging viruses - Virology essays.
  6. Veterinary Virology
    By Vikram Misra.
    The objective of the course is to help you understand how virus and host factors interact and how these interactions lead to disease and/or recovery and how you can apply this knowledge to the prevention and management of disease.
  7. Veterinary Virology
    By Peter H. Russell.
    The Virology Course, 2000. The aim of this foundation course is to link the structure, diagnosis and control of the different families of veterinary viruses in an up-to-date and well-paced manner.
  8. Virologie: Vorlesungen & Kurse 2001/02
    Institut für Virologie, Universität Zürich.
    Vorlesungsunterlagen, Prüfungsfragen, Foliensammlung, zusätzliche Unterlagen etc.
  9. Die Virologischen Institute, Abteilungen und Arbeitsgruppen in Deutschland
    Gesellschaft für Virologie (GfV).
    Alphabetisch nach Städten geordnet, mit Links zu den jeweiligen Homepages.
  10. Virus Pages
    Institute for Animal Health, UK.
  11. Virus World
    Created by the Institute for Molecular Virology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this Web site offers high quality virus images that may be used for seminar presentations or any other noncommercial use.
  12. WWW Virtual Library: Microbiology & Virology
    Subjects covered include culture collections, databases, educational sites, journals, government and regulatory sites, images, medical microbiology, university departments, virology, protista, and references to newsgroups, Email lists, and other resources for the microbiologist


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