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Mycologie - Mycology
  1. FungalWeb
    A mycological web site that can provide the most current and accurate fungal taxonomy for users ranging from professional mycologists to advanced high school students. FungalWeb will provide a classification for all fungal genera based on a combination of phenotypic and genotypic data.
  2. Fungi Image Bank
    The Image Bank contains hundreds of images of fungi that range from images of microscopic fungi in tissue to macroscopic images of people, animals, and plants that have fungal infections.
  3. Mycology Online
    Mycology Online is a guide to fungal pathogens of humans, the diseases they cause, and selected case studies. This site is searchable, nicely illustrated (not for the squeamish!), and replete with information.
  4. Mycology Net
    Mycology Net is a launching place for studies in systematic mycology, and includes a discussion forum, links to searchable literature databases and other resources.
  5. The WWW Virtual Library: Mycology
    By Kathie Hodge.
    The site forms an extensive directory of annotated links to mycological resources. Resources are grouped by type: directories of mycologists and mycological labs, collections, molecular genetics, guides, teaching and general resources (taxonomy, biology, plant pathology), there is also a search facility.


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