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Vakzine, Vakzinierung - Vaccines, Vaccination
  1. Equine vaccination
    Provides information on equine vaccination, outlining why horses should be vaccinated, what they should be vaccinated against, when they should be vaccinated, possible side-effects of vaccination, and homeopathic vaccines.
  2. Feline Vaccines: Benefits and Risks
    A FAQ sheet which deals with commonly asked questions about cat vaccination, aimed at owners. Information is provided on the kinds of vaccines currently available for cats, why cats and kittens need to be vaccinated and possible complications which can arise if your cat/kitten has a bad reaction to a vaccine.
  3. Tetanus Information Page - Horse
    Covers the cause, signs, epidemiology, immunity, treatment and control of tetanus. The questions and answers section focuses on the Equivac-S and Equivac 2 in 1 vaccines. A free horse vaccination programme called "The CSL Healthy Horse Computer Program" is available to download.
  4. Vetvac
    A free to use, searchable database of commercially available livestock vaccines found globally. This database has been compiled to provide a broad resource for scientists and other professionals working in the animal health sector.


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