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Genetik - Genetics
  1. ANGIS - Australian National Genomic Information Service
    ANGIS is a service available to subscribers that offers a comprehensive system of software, databases, documentation, training and support for biologists. Features of the ANGIS system include: Sequence analysis - Genome analysis - Data collection and handling - Databases - Phylogenetic Inference
  2. Bilderdatenbank
    Deutsches Humangenomprojekt.
    Das Deutsche Humangenomprojekt (DHGP) in Berlin hat mit dem Aufbau einer Bilddatenbank begonnen, in der zahlreiche Fotos und Grafiken rund um das Thema Genomforschung gespeichert sind. Die hochaufgelösten Bilddateien - darunter Fotos von den Hochdurchsatzverfahren in der Genomforschung, Abbildungen aus dem Laboralltag und Grafiken zu Zellprozessen - können registrierte Nutzer kostenfrei herunterladen.
  3. Bovine Genome Database
    Offers a tool to follow the rapid bovine genome mapping progress. Contains information on loci alleles genetic and physical maps polymorphisms homologies (comparative mapping) probes primers and bibliographic references. This information is presented in 5 different modules 1) BOVBASE an ACeDB version of Bovmap; 2) an integrated cytogenetic and meiotic map of the bovine genome presenting bovine mapping data by placing the different meiotic maps side by side and next to a cytogenetic ideogram; 3) the European marker manager (an account is required) set up in order to facilitate the information exchange on markers isolated by the European BovMap group; 4) BOVMAP V2.3 (the original database; an account is required) developed progressively since October 1992 under ORACLE with an Online C-Scape user interface; and 5) the BOVMAP interactive maps.
  4. CGIL - Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock
    CGIL is a research group affiliated with the Department of Animal & Poultry Science, part of the Ontario Agricultural College, at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Genetics research is done on numerous species of animals including aquaculture, beef, dairy, poultry and swine.
  5. ChickMaP
    The aims are: to construct an integrated genetic and physical map of the chicken genome; to provide a public genome database; to co-ordinate genome mapping activities in poultry. The ultimate goal is to develop the tools and resources to map and identify genes that control traits of agricultural and biological interest.
  6. Coat Color Genetics
    By Ann T. Bowling.
    Excellent text, excellent pics with fundamental informations, including an introduction to basic color genetics.
  7. DOGS - Database of Genome Sizes
    While gathering data for a lecture on sequence analysis we became aware of the great interest in the research community for a comprehensive list of (estimated) genome sizes for different organisms. The purpose of this database is to provide such a list.
    The ultimate goal is to compile a list of all the known organisms and their respective genome sizes. Both the completed and estimated genomes are listed. The estimated genome sizes are given for both the organisms currently being sequenced and those for which no sequencing programme is in progress.
  8. EAAP-Animal Genetic Data Bank
    The data bank monitors information on breeds and country populations
    - of the farm animal species buffalo, cattle, goat, sheep, horse, ass, pig, rabbits
    - in 46 EAAP member countries and other European countries
    to keep watch on development, change and risk of extinction, to encourage use and conservation of animal genetic diversity.
  9. GenomeWeb
    UK Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre.
    A very extensive list of genome related sites on the Web. Searchable collection of selected, checked resources, including Genome Centres and Genome Databases.
  10. Genomics and Its Impact on Medicine and Society: A 2001 Primer
    U.S. Department of Energy.
    This edition covers basic science, the Human Genome Project, what we know so far, ELSI, medicine, benefits and more.
  11. Genetic Science Learning Center
    Helping people understand how genetics affects our lives and society. A joint project of University of Utah Eccles Institute of Human Genetics, School of Medicine, and Utah Museum of Natural History.
  12. Genomics: A Global Resource
    Links zu genetischen Datenbanken, Bioethik, Genetik-Zeitschriften, Gentechnikrecht der USA.
  13. GIS - Genetic Identification Services
    Established to serve the agriculture, aquaculture, and wildlife ecology communities through the development and use of custom genetic markers for a variety of applications.
  14. A Hypermedia Glossary of Genetic Terms
    By Birgid Schlindwein.
    Illustrated list of terms, concepts and techniques of genetics with cross references. Searchable by keyword.
  15. Links to Animal Genomics Research Web Sites and Database Resources
    National Animal Genome Research Program (NAGRP).
    This is an information center designed for livestock genome projects (include but not limited to cattle, chicken, pigs, sheep, horse, and aquaculture species). The databases and web sites are built for structure, function and application studies of the animal genomics, and to serve the purpose of research, education and related activities in the scientific, industrial and educational communities in the states and world wide.
  16. Morgan: A Genetics Tutorial
    Rutgers University.
    Morgan is a multimedia tutorial that covers the basic principles of genetics, suitable for an advanced high school class or introductory college biology. Morgan is comprised of six levels. Each level presents a major topic in the field of genetics. Before starting the tutorial, you should obtain and install the Chemscape Chime plug-in from MDL. Chime allows you to view dynamic chemical structures within your Web browser.
    Download the Chime Plug-in
  17. OMIA - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals
    Department of Animal Science, Uiversity of Sydney. Compiled by F. W. Nicholas.
    A database of gene and phene (familial trait or phenotype) information in a wide range of animal species. Entries consist of references, sorted by year, and within year by author.
  18. Ratmap - The Rat Genome Database
    Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Göteborg University.
    RatMap is focused on presenting rat genes, DNA-markers, QTL's etc. that is localized to chromosome. The database is dedicated to rat gene nomenclature and should be consulted for queries in such matters. Within RatMap you can find information on: Rat gene nomenclature; Chromosomal positions for genes, DNA-markers, QTL's etc.; Predicted position for more than 6000 rat genes; Gene function; Literature references; DNA-sequences with links to DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank; Unigene and Locus Link ID's and links.
  19. Virtual Library on Genetics
    Many genetic sites by Sheryl Martin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


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