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Fortpflanzung - Reproduction
  1. Animations for Learning Reproductive Biology in Farm Animals
    Neural-endocrine reflex, hypothalamus-anterior pituitary axis, ovarian cycle, regulation of the estrous cycle, regulation of luteolysis, placentation (pig, mare), demos (fertilization, sperm development).
  2. Bovine Theriogenology Images
    College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University. From the teaching files of R. G. Elmore.
    The slides cover artificial insemination, anestrus, bovine obstetrics, breeding soundness examination, gestational accidents, herd health programs, ovarian cysts, ovarian structures, parturition, and postpartum, and include images, diagrams, and text.
  3. Pathology of the Reproduction System
    1. To deal with principles of inter-relationship between structure and function of primary and secondary genital organs
    2. To identify developmental disturbances that produce reproductive failure.
    3. To recognize pathologic processes that primarily affect the reproductive system.
    4. To identify systemic diseases with a reproductive system component.
    5. To highlight pathologic aspects of pregnancy.
  4. Reproductive Physiology of Mares
    by Rob Löfstedt, Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island.
    Contents: Environmental effects; Transition and the ovulatory system; Pregnancy; Parturition and lactation; The postpartum period; Reproductive physiology of stallions. Includes 13 illustrations and references.
  5. Spermatology WWW Home Page
    Contents: Conferences; Embryo discussion list; Institutions; Images of Sperm; The Spermatid Injection (ROSNI) controversy; Androlog mailing list; Debunking myths in reproductive biotechnology; Journals; SperMail etc.