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Chirurgie - Surgery
  1. Anesthesiology Notes and Lectures
    This site contains the anaesthesiology notes and lectures of Dr. Cynthia Trim. The material includes case studies and quicktime movies, in addition to colour slides and lectures. Topics range from pre-anaesthetic evaluation to recovery from anaesthesia, and cover anaesthesia in bovines, equines, porcines, canines and felines.
  2. AVA - Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists
    Homepage contains: Links to web resources; dates and details of meetings; IT resources available for veterinary anaesthetists; news etc.
  3. GASNet - Global Anesthesiology Server Network
    GASNet is a comprehensive information site for anesthesiology professionals worldwide.
  4. Principles of Surgery
    The goal of the Principles of Surgery Home Page is to aid students in mastering the skills and information presented in the course 'Principles of Surgery'.
    Surgical Instruments consists of a photo gallery and key points about the instruments of surgery. Preparing the equipment for surgery introduces the methods of equipment sterilization. Preparing the patient for surgery describes preparation of the operative site for both large and small animals. Videos and photo series illustrate surgical scrubbing and draping procedures. Preparing the surgeon for surgery describes preparation of the surgeon for surgery . Videos and photo series illustrate surgeon's scrub, gowning and gloving. Sutures and suture handling includes instructional videos and animation to help you learn the suture patterns and knot tying presented in the laboratory.
  5. Soft Tissue Surgery Self-Assessment
    Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge.
    Richard White and Deepa Shetty.
    This package enables students to evaluate a surgery case and assess their knowledge of the treatment and complications of a particular condition.
    Requires Macromedia Shockwave plug-ins.
  6. Surgical Instruments
    Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge.
    Roy Brown, Mark Holmes and June Baldwin.
    This package provides students with an oportunity to familiarise themselves with surgical instruments before practical experience during the surgical rotations.
    Requires Macromedia Shockwave plug-ins.
  7. The Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook
    A collaborative project involving many individuals around the globe. Its goal is to create and maintain, using a familiar 'textbook' style, a comprehensive set of links to all known anaesthesia related internet information.