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Biotechnologie - Biotechnology
  1. Biotechterms.org
    The online version of Technomics Publishing's Glossary of Biotechnology Terms by Kimball R. Nill. This book is meant as a general introduction, and was written in the hope that it will assist individuals who seek to gain an understanding of the terminology as it is currently used.
  2. Ethics in Medicine and Biotechnology
    A project of the European Commission, Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources Programme.
    "We are a group of 26 partner institutions in 15 EU countries, aiming to develop an information network and knowledge base in the field of European ethics in medicine and biotechnology, providing relevant sources, value-added information, and related legal sources available to academics, researchers, bioethical professionals, decision-makers and consumers alike."
  3. Ethics, Morality and Animal Biotechnology
    by Roger Straughan.
    The author examines the ethical, moral and social issues surrounding relatively recent developments that involve the genetic modification of animals, and cloning by nuclear transfer.
  4. Hamburger Bildungsserver Biotechnologie
    Dieter Kasang.
    Inhalt: Grundlagen der Bio- und Gentechnologie; Anwendung bei Menschen, Tieren, Pflanzen, Lebensmitteln; Gesetzliche Regelungen; Biotechnologie im Unterricht.
  5. The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Biotechnology Information Directory Section
    This directory contains well over 1500 URLs of companies, research institutes, universities, sources of information and other directories specific to biotechnology, pharmaceutical development and related fields. It places emphasis on product development and the delivery of products and services.


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