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Biometrie und Statistik - Biometry and Statistics
  1. HyperStat Online
    by David M. Lane (Rice University) is a concise statistics textbook. Each chapter also contains extensive links to other resources.
  2. IBS - The International Biometric Society
    The International Biometric Society is an international society devoted to the mathematical and statistical aspects of biology.
  3. Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications
    Online book by David W. Stockburger.
    In-depth coverage, with extensive use of web technology (animated graphics, interactive calculating pages). Rev. ed. 1998.
  4. StatPrimer
    An online textbook by Bud Gerstman.
    Part A covers general statistical concepts: Measurement and Sampling , Stem-and-Leaf Plots and Frequency Tables, Summary Statistics, Introduction to Probability Distributions, Estimating a Population Mean, Null Hypothesis Testing a Mean, Paired Samples and Their Differences, Independent Samples and Their Differences, Inference About a Proportion, Independent Proportions, Cross-Tabulations, and Chi-Square Methods. Part B emphasizes the design of experiments and studies: Data Entry and Validation, Cohort Studies, Case-Control Studies, Inference About Variances, Analysis of Variance, Correlation, Regression, Sample Size, Power, and Precision, and Stratified Analysis 2x2 Tables


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