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Homöopathie - Homeopathy
  1. Aspekte der Homöopathie
    Umfangreiche Informationen zur Homöopathie, Geschichte, Anwendungen, Arzneimittel. Guter Einstieg in die Veterinärhomöopathie, da hier Allgemeines und Grundlagen vermittelt werden.
  2. Classical Veterinary Homeopathy
    By Jeffrey Levy.
    This Web site is designed to give information to the lay person as well as the practitioner about veterinary homeopathy. It is particulary related to the treatment of dogs, cats and horses. There are comprehensive treatment instructions including administration and storage, response to indications, length of treatment and instructions for homeopathic treatment by the 50 millesimel (LM) system.
  3. Veterinary Homoeopathy
    by Surjit Singh Makker.
    Alphabetical ordered symptoms of diseases of dogs, poultry, cattle, horses with some recomended treatments.


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