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Allgemeines - General
  1. AgNIC - Agriculture Network Information Center
    AgNIC is a guide to quality agricultural information on the Internet as selected by the National Agricultural Library, Land-Grant Universities, and other institutions.
  2. Animal Diseases
    Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
    Contains links to external ('no-charge') resources on the Internet dealing, in particular, with diseases and disorders, but also with a few other health/medically related topics.
  3. Animal Health Australia
    Australian Animal Health Council Limited
    AAHC Ltd was formed as a non-profit public company in January 1996 bringing together livestock industries and Government in partnership arrangements for the national good. Via an annual subscription the company is able to provide a range of services of relevance to all Members. It also undertakes specific tasks for subsets of its Members through direct contributions from beneficiaries. AAHC Ltd is the peak Australian animal health body for developing strategic policy, for funding national programs and for national animal health matters requiring negotiation and resolution.
  4. Animal Health Online
    Animal-Health-Online beobachtet alle Entwicklungen und Neuigkeiten rund um Tiere in der Landwirtschaft wie Rinder, Schweine, Geflügel, Fische. Ebenso um Pferde und Heimtiere wie Hunde, Katzen und Ziervögel. Es soll hier insbesondere über neue Therapien, Tiergesundheit, Tierhaltung, Tierernährung, Zubehör und Tierpflegebedarf berichtet werden.
  5. Bristol BioMed Image Archive
    A collection of medical, dental and veterinary images for use in teaching.
  6. BUBL LINK: Veterinary sciences, veterinary medicine
    Catalogue of selected Internet resources
  7. Compendium of Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Farming
    Organic Livestock Research Group (OLRG) at the Department of Agriculture, University of Reading.
    This site aims to "serve as a resource material and training tool for farmers, advisors, inspectors, veterinarians, organic sector bodies and policy makers on issues related to general and specific animal health and welfare aspects of organic livestock production." The compendium is divided into five sections; veterinary management of organic livestock, sheep, cattle, pigs, and poultry. In each animal-specific section, information is provided on general health and welfare issues, and an alphabetical listing of diseases is provided.
  8. CVM - Center for Veterinary Medicine
    The Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) regulates the manufacture and distribution of food additives and drugs that will be given to animals. These include animals from which human foods are derived, as well as food additives and drugs for pet (or companion) animals. CVM is responsible for regulating drugs, devices, and food additives given to, or used on, over one hundred million companion animals, plus millions of poultry, cattle, swine, and minor animal species. (Minor animal species include animals other than cattle, swine, chickens, turkeys, horses, dogs, and cats.)
  9. DINA - Danish Informatics Network in the Agricultural Sciences
    Dina is a network connecting universities, research institutions, extension services and industries. The purpose of Dina is to promote applications of informatics and of information technology in the agricultural sector. This is done by supporting, inspiring and coordinating research, development and education in the area.
  10. Düsseldorfer Virtuelle Bibliothek (DVB): Medizin und Veterinärmedizin
    Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Düsseldorf.
  11. Ethnovetweb
    By Evelyn Mathias.
    This website is about ethnoveterinary medicine, or how people around the world keep their animals healthy and productive, and how development can build on this information. Contents: Introducing ethnoveterinary medicine; News; Resources & links; Publications; Projects.
  12. E-VeT
    A free professional veterinary site for members. Cases, images, message board, chat, mail list, classifieds & employment, world-wide free e-mail address, access to latest veterinary texts, database of veterinary suppliers, surgeons, and links to related sources.
  13. Hospital Veterinário Virtual Brasileiro
    A comprehensive source for veterinary medicine created by the Center for Biomedical Informatics at the State University of Campinas in Brazil.
  14. Image Data Base
    College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University.
    This image database shows both normal animals and animals with naturally occurring diseases. An image filter is provided to prevent accidental viewing of graphic images, as many of the images are intended for use by animal health care students and professionals. Users can search by keyword, type of image or animal type. The number of images shown at any one time can be limited. Several criteria can be combined and a help section is provided. The images in this data base are for educational, non-commercial use only.
  15. INNO-VET
    INNO-VET carries out "monthly scanning off the latest veterinary medical, human medical and other scientific publications for items of interest to the veterinary practitioner." The site offers an abstract database of non-Medline journals, links to special interest websites and an evaluative framework of new innovations and procedures. INNO-VET is divided into 2 main sections and provides information aimed at companion animal veterinarians and information aimed at exotic and avian veterinarians.
  16. Internet Vet Tutorial
    By Laurian Williamson.
    A free, interactive online tutorial, produced by BIOME as part of a suite of subject-based tutorials (the Virtual Training Suite), a national initiative designed to teach Internet information skills to the higher and further education communities in the UK. Aimed at lecturers, students, teachers and researchers, the tutorials provide training for those who want to discover what the Internet can offer in their subject area.
  17. Intute
    Health and life sciences - Veterinary
    Intute is a free online service providing you with access to the very best Web resources for education and research. The service is created by a network of UK universities and partners. Subject specialists select and evaluate the websites in the database and write high quality descriptions of the resources. This service was formerly known as VetGate.
  18. Martindale's Health Science Guide: The Virtual Veterinary Center
    There are over 25,000 sites representing over 250 countries, territories and principalities
  19. NetVet & The Electronic Zoo
    Among this server's Web Pages are numerous views of Veterinary Medical and Animal resources available on the Internet and beyond
  20. NOVAGate
    Nordic gateway to selected Internet resources in the fields of forestry, veterinary, agricultural, food and environmental sciences. The database is produced and maintained by the libraries of the NOVA University
  21. Provet
    Mike Davies.
    Daily clinical updates for veterinarians (archives are available), Petfact topics for pet owners plus searchable database of animal health information, sections for kids, horses and ponies, teachers and farmers.
  22. Tiermedizin.de
    Informationsdienste für die Tiermedizin
  23. VEIN - Veterinary Education and Information Network
    University of Sydney.
    VEIN is an information service for veterinary and animal scientists, and allied animal health professionals, with a focus on access to high quality information and lifelong learning in the 21st Century knowledge economy. Services are provided on and off the Web. VEIN is of particular relevance to professionals based in Australasia.
  24. VetContact
    Internet-Portal für Tiermediziner aller Arbeitsbereiche und Fachrichtungen. Es dient dem Austausch von Informationen, Dienstleistungen und Erzeugnissen. Es versteht sich als Vermittler, vor allem anderem von dem, was im Internet besonders gut vermittelt werden kann.
  25. Veterinärmedizin Online
    in Deutschland, in Europa, in der Welt.
  26. Veterinärmedizinische Forschungsstätten
    in Deutschland, in Europa, in der Welt.
  27. Veterinary Books - Livres Vétérinaires
    Université de Montréal, Bibliothèque de Médecine Vétérinaire. By Jean-Paul Jetté.
    Classification of veterinary books published since 1995:
    First by species, second (inside each species)
    - basic sciences
    - system /organs
    - general medicine, internal medicine surgery
    - pathology, clinical pathology, surgery
    - others.
    Under each topic added tables of contents of books.
    Specialized journals, electronic publications, special issues of journals, web sites etc.
  28. Veterinary Medicine Libraries
    Links to the home pages of the libraries or a connection (with instructions) for their catalogue are provided. There is also information on the contact names for the libraries, address, phone/fax numbers, and email addresses.
  29. Veterinary Specialties
    Dozens of link categories including: Alternative Medicine; Behavior; Dermatology; Neurology; Nutrition; Oncology; Toxicology.
  30. Vetion
    Das unabhängige Internetportal für Tiergesundheit und Tiermedizin.
  31. Vetline
    Schlütersche GmbH & Co. KG, Verlag und Druckerei, Hannover.
    Der tiermedizinische Informationsdienst. Aktuelle Nachrichten nach Themen geordnet, Facharchiv, Firmendatenbank, Forum für den Bereich von Tierärzten, Links, Stellenbörse etc.
  32. vetmed.de
    Weiterführende top-domains zu veterinärmedizinischen Organisationen und vielen Spezialistenvereinigungen.
  33. Vetmed-Wissen
    Sehr umfangreiche Linksammlung, in ca. 30 Kategorien unterteilt.
  34. vetvita - Gesundheit für Tiere
    Von Achim Schellenbach.
    Vetvita ist ein Online-Dienst für zoologische und veterinärmedizinische Themen. Das Ziel von vetvita ist, kompetent, aktuell und vollständig zu informieren. Inhalt: Aktuell; Wildtiere; Pferde; Haustiere; Tierleben; Tierrecht.
  35. VetWeb
    Vet Web is a free information service provided to members of the veterinary profession, veterinary nurses, students and practice managers and intends to remain free.
  36. VIN - Veterinary Information Network
    Provides an array of information and tools for veterinary students and practicing veterinarians.
  37. WAHID - World Animal Health Information Database Interface
    The WAHID Interface provides access to all data held within OIE's new World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS). A comprehensive range of information is available from
    • immediate notifications and follow-up reports submitted by Country / Territory Members notifying exceptional epidemiological events current in their territory
    • six-monthly reports stating the health status of OIE-listed diseases in each Country / Territory.
    • annual reports providing health information and information on the veterinary staff, laboratories and vaccines, etc. ...
  38. World Wide Web Virtual Library - Veterinary Medicine
    The WWW Virtual Library Veterinary Medicine is a selected collection of veterinary medical Internet resources.
  39. WWWeb Sources for Agricultural Animal Veterinarians
    This list is selected to provide entry points to the Web for veterinary students and practitioners to find veterinary-related information and to give you an idea of what is available on the Web. Most important are those sites that function as sifters and collectors of links ("Jump-off Points") to other sites that actually have the information.


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