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Schlangen - Snakes
  1. American International Rattlesnake Museum
    See pictures and read facts about some of our most popular snakes and other animals. Facts and diagrams about snakes in general. You won't believe our collection of snake memorabilia! Check out a small sample of cool snake stuff. True or False? Rattlesnakes are deaf and can't hear the sound of their rattle? Answer this & other questions in our Rattlesnake Trivia.
  2. Australian Herpetological Directory
    This directory has been set up as a repository for information on Australian herps and Australian herpetological research.
  3. European Snake Society
    Homepage mit umfangreicher Linkliste.
  4. Snakebite Protocols
    Enclosed are protocols and which have been written for potential snakebites to human beings.  The philosophy behind these protocols is very simple.  In the early days, there was a list of "experts" who might be summoned if a snakebite occurred.  It was rapidly learned that these experts were not always available.  This "hope an expert is available" system was replaced with the enclosed one.


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