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Reptilien - Reptiles
  1. Amphibien & Reptilien
    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Herpetologie und Terrarienkunde
    Hier finden Sie sämtliche Informationen über die Haltung und Nachzucht von Amphibien und Reptilien.
  2. Colorado Herpetological Society
    Home page. Contents: Calender of herp events; Internet Resources Guide; Guide to the reptiles and amphians of Colorado; Reviews of frog call recordings; Herp care sheets; Book list etc.
  3. Crocodilian Biology Database
    Content: Species list - Links - Captive care - Biology - Evolution & taxonomy etc.
  4. Crocodilians - Natural History & Conservation
    The crocodile site, which aims to provide everything you need to know about crocodiles, from the different species, their biology, how they talk, and even their captive care.
    Includes: Crocodilian species list; Crocodilian biology database; Crocodilian communication; Crocodilian internet resources; Crocodilian captive care FAQ.
  5. Herpetology
    Florida Museum of Natural History.
    The Herpetology section of the Florida Museum of Natural History Web site contains extensive educational information on amphibians and reptiles. Some of these resources are local in coverage, such as guides and databases of Florida herpetofauna, others, like the taxonomic reference of crocodilian, tuatara and turtle world species are global. Many online bibliographic databases and images are available. The site also includes information on the Museum's herpetology collection and collection of type specimens, its research programmes, staff and students.
  6. NetVet - Reptiles
    Numerous links. Sections: General; Snakes; Turtles and Tortoises; Alligators; Dinosaurs; Other; Commercial.
  7. The Reptile Database
    This database is intended to provide information on the classification of all living reptiles by listing all species and their pertinent higher taxa. The database therefore covers all living snakes, lizards, amphisbaenians and crocodiles. It is supposed to be a source of taxonomic data, thus providing primarily (scientific) names, synonyms, distributions and related data. However, a limited number of species accounts contain links to external sources including pictures.
  8. www.herptiles.net
    Contents: Caresheets; Articles: Husbandry, Physiology, Health and Medical, Miscellaneous; Q&A; Links; Photo gallery.


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