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Zootiere, Wildtiere - Zoo Animals, Wild Animals
  1. ADF&G Wildlife Notebook Series
    Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
    The ADF&G Wildlife Notebook Series includes descriptions of more than 100 of Alaska’s wild fish and game.
  2. Armadillo Online
    This website is entirely devoted to the armadillo. There are pictures for eight species, and biological information on all twenty species – the most complete collection of factual armadillo information on the internet. There is a short article diagramming the natural history of the armadillo, a quick fact file for fun, and a short description of the scientific and medical research uses of the armadillo. This site also contains a page discussing common problems caused by armadillos, complete with suggestions on how to solve them.
  3. Bat Ecology and Bioacoustics Laboratory
    The Bat Ecology and Bioacoustics Laboratory conducts research on "the reproductive and foraging ecology of bats, the functional ecology of echolocation, bat conservation, interactions between bats and tympanate moths, and modelling echolocation using artificial neural networks." This site provides information on the Lab and its staff, outlining their research interests and activities. It offers a collection of downloadable audio files containing echolocation calls of British bats.
  4. BCI - Bat Conservation International
    Alles über Fledermäuse, mit umfangreicher Link-Liste.
  5. DeerNet
    University of Alberta.
    DeerNet summarizes Internet resources dealing with the ecology, management and economic utilisation of hoofed mammals. It reflects the research interests of the Wildlife Productivity and Management Program at the University of Alberta but is intended as a comprehensive resource for students, managers and scientists.
  6. Fledermausschutz
    SSF -Stiftung zum Schutze unserer Fledermäuse in der Schweiz.
    Inhalt: Artenschutz; Tierschutz; Jugend-Fledermaus-Imperium; Inforama; Verkaufsshop; Fledermaus-Anzeiger; News; Kontakt; Links.
  7. Otternet
    Otternet was formed to help educate people on otters - providing a wealth of facts, including a comprehensive Links page. We have in-depth species profiles giving you tons of information on all 13 species of otter. We also have habitat overviews for the five continents otters live on; there you can find which otters live in each country, what the threats to them are, and their conservation status.
  8. Wildlife Medical Clinic
    The Wildlife Medical Clinic provides care and treatment for sick and injured wild animals with the hope that they can be eventually returned to the wild. The site gives advice on laws and rescue for injured and orphaned birds, mammals and reptiles. There is a page of current cases with photographs of the injured bird or animal and detailed histories. The wildlife information section has details of unusual species with descriptions to help with identification and photographs.
  9. Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory
    Source on the web for information on wildlife rehabilitation. Here you will find information on what to do with injured wildlife and who to contact. Information is provided for the public and for the professional wildlife rehabilitator. Many links are provided to sites of interest relating to the field. Information is also present about wildlife in general that will appeal to everyone.
  10. Wildlife Search
    Wildlife information on the Web. Contains more than 150 wildlife categories for links to interesting sites.
  11. Wildvet Project
    Die Homepage für Wildtiermedizin.


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