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Wildvögel - Wild Birds
  1. American Bald Eagle Information
    This visually stunning site contains a wealth of information on bald eagles country-wide.
  2. Bird Checklists of the United States
    Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center.
    For years, people and groups have developed listings or checklists of birds that occur in a particular region. Information on the distribution or seasonal occurrence of birds in an area, however, can change over time. Bird checklists often are outdated in only a few years after printing, but budget and time constraints prohibit regular updates. The Internet provides new opportunities for the compilation and dissemination of current information on bird distribution. Here we offer bird checklists developed by others that indicate the seasonal occurrence of birds in state, federal, and private management areas, nature preserves, and other areas of special interest in the United States.
  3. Cranes: Their Biology, Husbandry, and Conservation
    David H. Ellis, George F. Gee, and Claire M. Mirande, editors.
    Online book.
  4. The Feather Trade and the American Conservation Movement
    This site is an online version of an exhibition showing at the National Museum of American History between February and August, 1999.
    The Feather Trade and the American Conservation Movement is a collective effort by staff of the National Museum of American History and the Smithsonian Institution. Historical exhibitions are complex undertakings, and the history they present is an interpretation of historical evidence informed by knowledge and experience.
  5. The Life of Birds
    by David Attenborough.
    Content: Bird Brains - Evolution - Champion Birds - Parenthood - Bird Songs - Links
  6. New Zealand Birds
    New Zealand's birds and birdwatching in New Zealand.
  7. The Raptor Center
    Provides information about birds of prey, endangered/threatened birds, and related environmental issues. This Web has a wide range of material, appropriate for k-12 students & veterinary medical professionals.


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