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Vögel - Birds
  1. The Amazing World of Birds
    Content: Order by Order; Extinct Birds; Bird Migration; Moulting in Birds; Bird Anatomy (several parts); About Bird identification (including geographically organised lists of over 1300 books relating to bird finding and identification); Book Reviews - A growing collection of reviews of books relating to all aspects of a birds life; Bird Classification; An Introduction to Taxonomy; World Checklist of Birds by species; The Passerine birds by Family; The Non-passerine birds by Family; Links to useful bird sites.
  2. Avian Influenza
    World Health Organization.
    Contains up-to-date information on avian influenza (bird flu). Documents available here include WHO press releases, fact sheets, pandemic preparedness plans, diagnostic manuals, and links to relevant Web resources.
  3. Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Outbreak
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    Contents: About the Flu; Protection; Vaccination; Clinical Description and Diagnosis; Background; Infection Control; References and Resources.
  4. Avian Medicine
    School of Veterinary Medicine, Tuskegee University.
    This site provides a collection of online teaching materials on avian medicine. It contains nine chapters, covering the avian anatomy, physiology and management, diseases caused by bacteria, diseases caused by fungi, neoplastic diseases, nutritional and metabolic diseases, protozoan diseases, metazoan parasites, and miscellaneous diseases.
  5. Avian Necropsy Manual for Biologists in Remote Refuges
    By Thierry M. Work.
    Online book. US Geological Survey, National Wildlife Health Center, Hawaii Field Station. 2000.
    Spanish version
  6. The Aviary
    Avian info center, complete information resource for birds. Large and most extensive all-bird web site. Hundred's of articles, information, links. Pet birds and birding.
  7. Bird Links to the World
    Available on this page: The best bird web sites; Checklists; Bird names and taxonomy; General Webpages; Worldwide Organizations and Information; Other lists of Birdlinks; Search Engines; Search for more links... Number of bird links in this edition: 18105 (Aug. 2003).
  8. Duckdata
    DUCKDATA provides a comprehensive bibliography of published literature on the ecology, conservation, and management of North American waterfowl and their wetland habitats. Staff at the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS), Biological Resources Division (BRD), the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (PWRC), and the USGS National Wetlands Research Center (NWRC) are pleased to make this data base available for online searching and downloading.
  9. Electronic Resources on Ornithology
    Christopher Majka.
    A large collection of links to ornithological sites from all over the world.
  10. Fat Birder
    Web resource about birds and all aspects of bird-watching. It has more than 1,400 pages covering every country of the world, as well as all aspects of birding - ornithology, birdwatching as a hobby, conservation, where to buy optics, holidays etc.; where to stay and much more.
  11. Glossary of Avian Terms
    For Use in Avian Conservation Biology.
    This glossary provides standard definitions for many of the terms used in avian conservation biology. We compiled these definitions to assist communication among researchers, managers, and others involved in the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Program, also known as Partners in Flight. We used existing glossaries and recent literature to prepare this glossary. Many definitions were taken verbatim from the cited source material. Others were modified slightly to clarify the meaning.
  12. Information Resources on Avian Influenza
    Animal Welfare Information Center. Compiled and edited by: Richard Crawford, D'Anna Jensen, Barbara Buchanan.
    Chapters: General; Control, Prevention and Vaccines; Reports and Reviews on Outbreaks; Pathology and Pathogenesis; Research; Tests, Detection and Diagnosis; Virus Typing and Characterization; Zoonotic Implications; Selected Web Sites.
  13. Pete and Barb's Penguin Page
    Inside this site you will find everything you want to know about penguins.  There are more than 150 information pages and 250 photographs.
  14. Single Gene Traits of the Turkey
    The program has been constructed in an attempt to provide in a graphic format, colored photographic images where possible, the various phenotypic expressions of single gene mutations and other genetic conditions that have been described in the turkey which may have economic significance. References to biochemical and immunological reports are not considered in this directory. The entries listed within categories are in alphabetical order. This production was the result of an ongoing research program in turkey genetics at the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station and as a contribution to the Southern Regional Project S-213 in which Oregon was a participant.