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Katzen - Cats
  1. Canine and Feline Nephrology and Urology Page
    by Katherine M. James, Veterinary Information Network, Davis, Ca.
    This website is provided to help everyone find quality information on Web about Veterinary Neprhrology and Urology
  2. Cat Info - Alphabetical Index
    Medical and behavioral problems in cats, organized in many different topic pages.
  3. A Concise Guide to Infectious and Parasitic Diseases of Dogs and Cats
    G. R. Carter (Ed.). International Veterinary Information Service.
    IVIS Online book.
  4. Cornell Feline Health Center
    The Cornell Feline Health Center, located in Ithaca, New York, is a veterinary medical specialty center devoted to improving the health and well-being of cats throughout the world.
  5. Deafness in Cats and Dogs
    By George M. Strain.
    Information is provided on the various causes, types, and diagnoses of deafness in cats and dogs. In particular, details are provided on dog breeds with congenital deafness, hearing frequency range for dogs and other species, and the BAER test. A collection of links to related Web sites is available.
  6. Feline Advisory Bureau
    Providing comprehensive expert advice and information on all aspects of cat health and care. Information sheets on a wide range of feline conditions are available via their web site. The site also contains a nationwide list of FAB approved catteries.
  7. Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center
    Overview of Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis; Management of CRF: What you can do to help your cat; Other Medical Problems Related to CRF; Links to Related Sites & Other Resources.
  8. Feline Vaccines: Benefits and Risks
    A FAQ sheet which deals with commonly asked questions about cat vaccination, aimed at owners. Information is provided on the kinds of vaccines currently available for cats, why cats and kittens need to be vaccinated and possible complications which can arise if your cat/kitten has a bad reaction to a vaccine.
  9. ICC Links - Internet Cat Club
    Includes links to pages on every concievable feline health topic, as well as general topics such as travel with the pet and quarantine regulations
  10. Parasites of the Cat
    University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.
    Teaching resource on feline endoparasites. Information is provided on over 33 parasites and topics covered for each parasite includes adult parasites, hosts, lifecycle, site where adult parasite is found in host, diagnosis, clinical signs and treatment. Includes images.
  11. PetEducation - Cats
    Articles describe general health care, behavior problems and infectious, metabolic, nutritional, autoimmune, neoplastic and inherited diseases and disorders of cats.
  12. Reisebestimmungen bei Hund und Katze
    Einreisebestimmungen von 47 Ländern für Hunde und Katzen. Stand: Mai 2001.
  13. VetCancer Registry
    "The VetCancer Registry collects data about neoplasia in cats and dogs; it includes only cases diagnosed by histopathology. The data are basic, but are in a format that allows you to easily manipulate it to discover trends in animal cancer, to pool data with other clinicians and for further research. Any veterinarian may submit a case through the web site. We hold the case as pending and enter it into the database as soon as we receive a necropsy, biopsy, or cytology report confirming the diagnosis."
  14. Virtual Cat Anatomy
    Created by R. Roper and C.Parker for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.
    This site is a multimedia tutorial on cat anatomy structures.