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Meerschweinchen - Guinea Pigs
  1. Biology of the Guinea Pig
    Describing the biology of a guinea pig, this resource covers taxonomy, origin and habitat, uses, handling, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, reproduction and diseases.
  2. Guinea Lynx
    A medical and care guide for guinea pigs. Organized by main topics with links to off-site advice. Includes a Medical Emergency Guide, a listing of symptoms that require treatment.
  3. Guinea Pig Compendium
    The Guinea Pig Compendium is one of the most comprehensive sources of guinea pig information on the Internet. Our focus is to give current and future pet owners the knowledge they need to help their guinea pigs attain, and exceed, their five-to-seven year expected lifespan. Its detailed care guide (providing more useful and thorough information than most books sold in pet stores), general articles and vet finder make it an invaluable resource.


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