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Ratten - Rats
  1. Rat Atlas
    UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA.
    A three dimensional (3D) computerized map of rat brain anatomy was generated using six male Sprague-Dawley rats, weighing 270-320 g. Their heads were frozen and closely spaced cryosectional images were digitally captured every 50 microns at 1024 x 1024 resolution. Each serial data set was organized into a digital volume, re-oriented into a flat skull position, and brought into register with each other.
  2. Ratmap - The Rat Genome Database
    Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Göteborg University.
    RatMap is focused on presenting rat genes, DNA-markers, QTL's etc. that is localized to chromosome. The database is dedicated to rat gene nomenclature and should be consulted for queries in such matters. Within RatMap you can find information on: Rat gene nomenclature; Chromosomal positions for genes, DNA-markers, QTL's etc.; Predicted position for more than 6000 rat genes; Gene function; Literature references; DNA-sequences with links to DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank; Unigene and Locus Link ID's and links.
  3. RMCA - Rat & Mouse Club of America
    RMCA is a club for domestic rat and mouse lovers. The site contains a link list "Rats & Mice in the Net".
  4. World Wide Rat
    Die Seiten des Vereins der Rattenliebhaber und -halter in Deutschland e.V.
    Hier erfahren Sie alles Wissenswerte über unseren Verein, die Ratten im Allgemeinen, sowie viele Tipps und Tricks zur Haltung von Farbratten. Im Bereich Service bieten wir allen Ratteninteressierten Hilfestellung und Kontaktmöglichkeiten an.


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