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Schweine - Pigs
  1. Pig Diseases
    Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge.
    By Adam West, based on the photographs of Peter Jackson.
    Teaching resource, presents a collection of pig diseases.
    Requires Macromedia Shockwave plug-ins.
  2. pighealth.com
    Pig Disease Information Centre.
  3. Pigpool
    Themen wie Tiergesundheit, Betriebs- und Stallmanagement stehen im Vordergrund. Andere Bereiche: aktuelle Termine, Links, Buchtipps.
  4. Pork@Purdue
    This site contains information on all aspects of swine production and management, as well as valuable resources for use in extension and teaching.
    Contents: Animal Well-Being/Behavior; Economics and Marketing; Environment/Odor/Housing; Genetics; Growth; Health; Manure Management; Nutrition; Pork Quality; Production Management; Reproduction.
  5. PotbelliedPig
    Helps owners, breeders, veterinarians, and trainers share resources and build community while promoting responsible adoption and care for potbellied pigs.
  6. Swine Production Homepage
    Features of this site include: an introduction to swine production in the U.S., swine biology, swine facilities, a comprehensive site outline, glossary of swine terms, reference page of printed material and web links, slide set from Course 7080: Physical Exam and Animal Management, and self-quizzes to test your basic swine knowledge.
  7. Swine Resources
    Oklahoma State University, Animal Science Department Virtual Library.
    Contents: General Information; Breed Information; Breeders Lists; Collections of Publications or Web Links; Computer Software; Odor Management Information; Production/Husbandry; Selection and Genetic Improvement; Other.
  8. Virtual Fetal Pig Dissection
    Simulated dissection of the fetal pig provides an alternative exercise for students in introductory biology and a material review prior to lab exams.
  9. The Virtual Pig Dissection
    Contains: Anatomical references - Respiratory System - Circulatory System - Digestive System - Reproductive system - Sexing your pig - Excretory system - Nervous system; Quizzes


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