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Schafe - Sheep
  1. Cornell Sheep Program
    Information about sheep production and management from Cornell University. The Cornell Sheep Program evaluates and disseminates information on management, nutrition, health, selection, and marketing strategies for highly productive sheep systems.
  2. Internal Parasites of Sheep
    By Nick Sangster.
    Topics covered include gastrointestinal nematodes, flukes, tapeworms and protzoa. Additionally, there is a parasite checklist for the major internal parasites found in sheep in Australia, and where in the sheep they are found, as well as an introduction to parasite dossiers.
  3. Maryland Small Ruminant Page
    The purpose of this web site is to provide information resources for sheep and goat producers and others interested in the industry. The site consists of original documents as well as a comprehensive list of links pertaining to small ruminants.
  4. The Sheep Brain Atlas
    The atlas is comprised of coronal sections, each one 35 micrometers thick, and it is possible to obtain side, top or bottom views of the whole brain. For each section, anatomical labels are provided, and it is possible to view both cell and fibre staining. Photographs of the external surface of the brain, from top, bottom and side perspectives, are also provided.
  5. The Sheep Brain Dissection Guide
    A step-by-step illustrated dissection guide to the sheep's brain, offered by the University of Scranton's Neuroscience Program.
  6. Sheep Diseases
    R. M. Jordan.
    Information detailing common diseases and ailments which afflict sheep. Problems covered include polyarthritis, mastitis, scrapie, pneumonia, white muscle disease, and neurological conditions. Also features guidelines on the use of antibiotics in the treatment of sheep.
  7. Sheep Resources
    Links zum Thema Schaf: Breed Associations; Breeds and Selection Information; Breeders List; Commercial Information; Collections of Publications; Diseases, Disorders and Pests; General Information; Nutrition and Feeding; Production/Husbandry; Reproduction; Wool Information.


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