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nach oben Anatomy
nach oben Animal Breeding
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nach oben Biochemistry
nach oben Biology
  • Biological Confinement of Genetically Engineered Organisms
    Committee on the Biological Confinement of Genetically Engineered Organisms.
    National Academy Press, 2004.
  • Kimball's Biology Pages
    By John W. Kimball.
    An online biology textbook consisting of alphabetized lists of biological terms (the index/glossary) with links and discussions, illustrated, of a wide range of biological topics. 2003.
  • MIT Biology Hypertextbook
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2001.
  • Online Biology Book
    A very fine illustrated introduction to microbiology including: classification of bacteria and descriptions of the parts of a bacterial cell and bacterial division.
nach oben Biometry & Statistics
  • HyperStat Online
    by David M. Lane (Rice University) is a concise statistics textbook. Each chapter also contains extensive links to other resources.
  • Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications
    Online book by David W. Stockburger.
    In-depth coverage, with extensive use of web technology (animated graphics, interactive calculating pages). Rev. ed. 1998.
  • Manual on Livestock Disease Surveillance and Information Systems
    Roger Paskin.
    FAO, 1999.
  • Statistics at Square One
    T. D. V. Swinscow. Revised by M J Campbell.
    9th edition. BMJ Publishing Group 1997.
  • StatPrimer
    An online textbook by Bud Gerstman.
    Part A covers general statistical concepts: Measurement and Sampling , Stem-and-Leaf Plots and Frequency Tables, Summary Statistics, Introduction to Probability Distributions, Estimating a Population Mean, Null Hypothesis Testing a Mean, Paired Samples and Their Differences, Independent Samples and Their Differences, Inference About a Proportion, Independent Proportions, Cross-Tabulations, and Chi-Square Methods. Part B emphasizes the design of experiments and studies: Data Entry and Validation, Cohort Studies, Case-Control Studies, Inference About Variances, Analysis of Variance, Correlation, Regression, Sample Size, Power, and Precision, and Stratified Analysis 2x2 Tables.
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nach oben Birds
nach oben Cats
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nach oben Dermatology
  • The Electronic Textbook of Dermatology
    Published by the Internet Dermatology Society.
    This site is an electronic textbook of dermatology. Though freely available on the Web, the textbook is targeted to trained clinical dermatologists and is concerned with dermatology in relation to animals and humans.
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nach oben Ethics in Veterinary Medicine
nach oben Farm Animals
nach oben Fishes
nach oben Food Science
nach oben General
nach oben Genetics
nach oben Goats
nach oben Historical Works
nach oben History of Veterinary Medicine
nach oben Homeopathy
nach oben Horses
nach oben Immunology
nach oben Infectious Diseases
nach oben Laboratory Animals
nach oben Marine Animals
nach oben Meat Inspection
nach oben Microbiology
nach oben Orthopedics
  • Textbook of Small Animal Orthopaedics
    This project contains the entire contents of  the "Textbook of Small Animal Orthopaedics" written by Charles D. Newton, D.V.M., M.S. and David M. Nunamaker, V.M.D.  The textbook was published by J.B. Lippincott Company in 1985.
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nach oben Pathology
nach oben Pharmacology
  • 2005 Online Green Book
    Drug Information Laboratory, Center for Veterinary Medicine, FDA.
    The Green Book is a list of the animal drug products approved for safety and effectiveness by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
    The print version of the Green Book was originally published in 1989, and the electronic version includes the "FDA Approved Animal Drug Database" files, all chapters of the printed Green Book and a searchable archive of monthly updates dating back to 1989.
  • Digitale Bibliothek Pharmazie
    In der Digitalen Bibliothek Braunschweig finden Sie pharmazeutische, aber auch Bücher aus anderen Sondersammlungen der UB, die mit Hilfe von Scannern vollständig digitalisiert wurden. Vor allem sind dies wissenschaftshistorisch wertvolle Bestände vor 1900, aber auch z.B. das DAB 6 oder die Arzneibücher der DDR.
  • Drug Information
    A Medline Plus service. 2002.
  • Electronic Orange Book
    Approved drug products. 2001, Food and Drug Administration.
  • The Use of Drugs in Food Animals: Benefits and Risks
    1999, National Academy Press
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nach oben Pigs
nach oben Poultry
nach oben Primates
nach oben Radiology
  • CHORUS - Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology
    Charles E. Kahn, Jr., Editor, 18 April 2002.
    CHORUS is a "quick reference" hypertext for physicians and medical students. More than 1,100 documents describe:  diseases; radiological findings; differential-diagnosis lists ("gamuts"); pertinent anatomy, pathology, and physiology. 
    CHORUS documents are indexed topically by organ system and alphabetically by title. Docments are interconnected by a network of more than 2,200 hyperlinks.
    CHORUS was developed using a "peer review" process that allowed Web-based submission and anonymous review of documents. All CHORUS documents have been reviewed (and updated as needed) within the past two years; the date of most recept update is indicated on each document.
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nach oben Surgery
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nach oben Virology
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