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Frauke Seehusen1, Seham A. Al-Azreg1, Barbara B. Raddatz1, Verena Haist1,2, Christina Puff1, Ingo Spitzbarth1, Reiner Ulrich1,3, Wolfgang Baumgärtner 1*

Accumulation of Extracellular Matrix in Advanced Lesions of Canine Distemper Demyelinating Encephalitis


PLoS ONE 11(7): e0159752


Vanessa Maria Pfankuche1,4, Mohamed Sayed-Ahmed1, Vanessa Bono Contioso1,

Ingo Spitzbarth1,4, Karl Rohn2, Reiner Ulrich1,4, Ulrich Deschl3, Arno Kalkuhl3,

Wolfgang Baumgärtner 1,4*, Christina Puff1

Persistent Morbillivirus Infection Leads to Altered Cortactin Distribution in Histiocytic Sarcoma Cells with Decreased Cellular Migration Capacity


PLoS ONE 11(12): e0167517.


Alexander Postel1,2,*, Florian Hansmann3,4,*, Christine Baechlein2, Nicole Fischer5, Malik Alawi6, Adam Grundhoff6, Sarah Derking7, Jörg Tenhündfeld7, Vanessa Maria Pfankuche3,4, Vanessa Herder3,4, Wolfgang Baumgärtner3,4, Michael Wendt8 & Paul Becher 1,2

Presence of atypical porcine pestivirus (APPV) genomes in newborn piglets correlates with congenital tremor


Scientific Reports | 6:27735 |

DOI: 10.1038/srep27735

Alexander Postel 1,†, Stefanie Schmeiser 1,†, Bernd Zimmermann 2 and Paul Becher 1,*

The European Classical Swine Fever Virus Database: Blueprint for a Pathogen-Specific Sequence Database with Integrated Sequence Analysis Tools


Viruses 2016, 8, 302


Alexander Postel*, Denise Meyer*, Anja Petrov and Paul Becher

Recent emergence of a novel porcine pestivirus: interference with classical swine fever diagnosis?


Emerging Microbes & Infections (2017) 6, e19


Maximiliane Kleine Büning1, Denise Meyer1, Sophia Austermann-Busch1, Gleyder Roman-Sosa2, Tillmann Rümenapf3, and Paul Becher1,*

Nonreplicative RNA Recombination of an Animal Plus-Strand RNA Virus in the Absence of Efficient Translation of Viral Proteins


Genome Biol. Evol. 9(4):817–829


Ann-Kathrin Uhde1, Vanessa Herder1,2, Muhammad Akram Khan1,2,3, Malgorzata Ciurkiewicz1,2, Dirk Schaudien4, René Teich5, Stefan Floess5, Wolfgang Baumgärtner1,2, Jochen Huehn5, Andreas Beineke 1,2*

Viral Infection of the Central Nervous System Exacerbates Interleukin-10 Receptor Deficiency-Mediated Colitis in SJL Mice


PLoS ONE 11(9): e0161883


Jessica Rach1, Tjard Bergmann 1, Omid Paknia1, Rob DeSalle2, Bernd Schierwater1,2, Heike Hadrys1,2*

The marker choice: Unexpected resolving power of an unexplored CO1 region for layered DNA barcoding approaches


PLoS ONE 12(4): e0174842


Sina Reinartz, Ottmar Distl *

Validation of Deleterious mutations in vorderwald cattle


PLoS ONE 11(7): e0160013


Shan Wang1, Ina Willenberg1, Michael Krohn2, Tanja Hecker2, Sven Meckelmann2, Chang Li3, Yuanjiang Pan3, Nils Helge Schebb1,2, Pablo Steinberg1, Michael Telamon Empl 1*

Growth-Inhibiting Activity of Resveratrol Imine Analogs on Tumor Cells In Vitro


PLoS ONE 12(1): e0170502


Wiebke Feindt, Hans-Jürgen Osigus, Rebecca Herzog, Christopher E. Mason & Heike Hadrys

The complete mitochondrial genome of the neotropical helicopter damselfly Megaloprepus caerulatus (Odonata: Zygoptera) assembled from next generation sequencing data


Mitochondrial DNA Part B, 1:1, 497-499

DOI: 10.1080/23802359.2016.1192504

Nai-Huei Wu1, Wei Yang1, Andreas Beineke2, Ronald Dijkman3,4, Mikhail Matrosovich5, Wolfgang Baumgärtner2, Volker Thiel3,4, Peter Valentin-Weigand6, Fandan Meng1,* & Georg Herrler 1,*

The differentiated airway epithelium infected by influenza viruses maintains the barrier function despite a dramatic loss of ciliated cells


Scientific Reports | 6:39668

DOI: 10.1038/srep39668

Charlotte Lempp1, Nicole Jungwirth 1,2, Miguel L. Grilo3, Anja Reckendorf3, Arlena Ulrich3, Abbo van Neer3, Rogier Bodewes4¤, Vanessa M. Pfankuche1,2, Christian Bauer5, Albert D. M. E. Osterhaus6, Wolfgang BaumgaÈrtner1,2³*, Ursula Siebert3³

Pathological findings in the red fox (Vulpes vulpes), stone marten (Martes foina) and raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides), with special emphasis on infectious and zoonotic agents in Northern Germany


PLoS ONE 12(4): e0175469


Anja Müller1, Diana Seinige1, Wiebke Jansen1,2, Günter Klein1, Ralf Ehricht3,4,

Stefan Monecke3,4,5, Corinna Kehrenberg 1*

Variety of Antimicrobial Resistances and Virulence Factors in Staphylococcus aureus Isolates from Meat Products Legally and Illegally Introduced to Germany


PLoS ONE 11(12): e0167864.


Wiebke Jansen1,2, Majella Merkle3, Anna Daun4, Matthias Flor4, Nils Th. Grabowski1, Günter Klein 1*

The Quantity and Quality of Illegally Imported Products of Animal Origin in Personal Consignments into the European Union Seized at Two German Airports between 2010 And 2014




Josef Yun1,2,*, Matthias Greiner1,3,*, Christiane Höller4, Ute Messelhäusser4, Albert Rampp4 & Günter Klein 1

Association between the ambient temperature and the occurrence of human Salmonella and Campylobacter infections


Scientific Reports 6:28442

DOI: 10.1038/srep28442

Anna Koczula 1, Michael Jarek 2, Christian Visscher 3, Peter Valentin-Weigand 1, Ralph Goethe 1, and Jörg Willenborg 1,*

Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals Selective Metabolic Adaptation of Streptococcus suis to Porcine Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid


Pathogens 2017, 6, 7


Franziska Kloska 1,2,*, Martin Beyerbach 3 and Günter Klein 2,*

Infection Dynamics and Antimicrobial Resistance Profile of Salmonella Paratyphi B d-tartrate Positive (Java) in a Persistently Infected Broiler Barn


Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2017, 14, 101


Nathalie E. Zeitouni1, Petra Dersch2, Hassan Y. Naim1, Maren von Köckritz-Blickwede 1,3*

Hypoxia Decreases Invasin-Mediated Yersinia enterocolitica Internalization into Caco-2 Cells




Maren von Köckritz-Blickwede 1,2*, Stefanie Blodkamp1 and Victor Nizet3

Interaction of Bacterial Exotoxins with Neutrophil Extracellular Traps: Impact for the Infected Host


Frontiers in Microbiology Volume 7 | Article 402

doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2016.00402

Nicole de Buhr1,2 and Maren von Köckritz-Blickwede 1,2 

How Neutrophil Extracellular Traps Become Visible 


Journal of Immunology Research Volume 2016, Article ID 4604713, 13 pages


Helene Möllerherm1, Maren von Köckritz-Blickwede 1,2*† and Katja Branitzki-Heinemann1*†

Antimicrobial Activity of Mast Cells: Role and Relevance of extracellular DnA Traps


Front. Immunol. 7:265


Katja Branitzki-Heinemann1†, Helene Möllerherm1†, Lena Völlger1†, Diab M. Husein1, Nicole de Buhr1,2, Stefanie Blodkamp1, Friederike Reuner1, Graham Brogden1, Hassan Y. Naim1 and Maren von Köckritz-Blickwede 1,2*

Formation of neutrophil extracellular traps under Low oxygen Level


Front. Immunol. 7:518

doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2016.00518

 J. Lücking 1, 2, E.M. Mansion-de Vries1, 2, N. Wente1, J.-H. Paduch1, M. Hoedemaker2 and V. Krömker1

Udder health effects of polyurethane-based external teat sealer


Milk Science International (69) 2016 P. 38-42


E.M. Mansion-de Vries 1,2, J. Lücking1,2, N. Wente1, C. Zinke1, M.Hoedemaker2, V. Krömker1

Comparison of an evidence-based and a conventional mastitis therapy concept with regard to cure rates and antibiotic usage


Milk Science International (69) 2016 P. 27-32


Anne Mößeler 1,*, Marion Schmicke 2, Martin Höltershinken 2, Martin Beyerbach 3 and

Josef Kamphues 1

Oral Supplementation with a Special Additive of Retinyl Palmitate and Alpha Tocopherol Reduces Growth Retardation in Young Pancreatic Duct Ligated Pigs Used as a Model for Children Suffering from Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency


Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2016, 17, 1642


Anne Mößeler * and Josef Kamphues

Black‐Box Gastrointestinal Tract—Needs and Prospects of Gaining Insights of Fate of Fat, Protein, and Starch in Case of Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency by Using Fistulated Pigs


Nutrients 2017, 9, 150


Laura Roland 1,2, Samantha Backhaus 1, Michael Grau 1,2, Julia Matena 1,2, Michael Teske 3, Martin Beyerbach 4, Hugo Murua Escobar 1,2, Heinz Haferkamp 5, Nils-Claudius Gellrich 6 and Ingo Nolte 1,*

Evaluation of Functionalized Porous Titanium Implants for Enhancing Angiogenesis in Vitro


MDPI Materials 2016, 9, 304


Florenza Lüder Ripoli 1,2, Annika Mohr 1,2, Susanne Conradine Hammer 1,2, Saskia Willenbrock 1, Marion Hewicker-Trautwein 3, Silvia Hennecke 4, Hugo Murua Escobar 2 and Ingo Nolte 1,*

A Comparison of Fresh Frozen vs. Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Specimens of Canine Mammary Tumors via Branched-DNA Assay


International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2016, 17, 724


Annika Mohr1,2, Florenza Lüder Ripoli1,2, Susanne ConradineHammer1,2,

Saskia Willenbrock1, Marion Hewicker-Trautwein3, ZdzisławKiełbowicz4, Hugo Murua Escobar1,2, Ingo Nolte 1*

Hormone Receptor Expression Analyses in Neoplastic and Non-Neoplastic Canine Mammary Tissue by a Bead Based Multiplex Branched DNA Assay: A Gene Expression Study in Fresh Frozen and Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Samples


PLOS ONE 11(9): e0163311


Florenza Lüder Ripoli 1,2, Susanne Conradine Hammer 1,2, Annika Mohr 1,2, Saskia Willenbrock 1, Marion Hewicker-Trautwein 3, Bertram Brenig 4, Hugo Murua Escobar 2 and Ingo Nolte 1,*

Multiplex Gene Expression Profiling of 16 Target Genes in Neoplastic and Non-Neoplastic Canine Mammary Tissues Using Branched-DNA Assay


Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2016, 17, 1589


Susanne C. Hammer 1,2, Annegret Becker 3, Katja Rateitschak 4, Annika Mohr 1,2, Florenza Lüder Ripoli 1,2, Silvia Hennecke 5, Johannes Junginger 6, Marion Hewicker-Trautwein 6, Bertram Brenig 5, Anaclet Ngezahayo 3,7, Ingo Nolte 1,* and Hugo Murua Escobar 1,2

Longitudinal Claudin Gene Expression Analyses in Canine Mammary Tissues and Thereof Derived Primary Cultures and Cell Lines


Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2016, 17, 1655


Katrin Zeiger1, Johanna Popp 1*, Andre Becker1, Julia Hankel2, Christian Visscher2, Guenter Klein1², Diana Meemken1,3

Lauric acid as feed additive ± An approach to reducing Campylobacter spp. in broiler meat


PLoS ONE 12 (4): e0175693


Dáša Schleicherová *, Katharina Dulias*, Hans-Jűrgen Osigus, Omid Paknia, Heike Hadrys, Bernd Schierwater

The most primitive metazoan animals, the placozoans, show high sensitivity to increasing ocean temperatures and acidities


Ecol Evol. 2017;00:1–10

DOI: 10.1002/ece3.2678

Bettina Seeger 1*, Frank Klawonn2,3, Boris Nguema Bekale3, Pablo Steinberg1

Mixture Effects of Estrogenic Pesticides at the Human Estrogen Receptor α and β


PLOS ONE 2016, 11(1): e0147490.


Sophia Arlena Ulrich a, b, Kristina Lehnert a, Ana Rubio-Garcia c, Guillermo J. Sanchez-Contreras c, Christina Strube b, Ursula Siebert a, *

Lungworm seroprevalence in free-ranging harbour seals and molecular characterisation of marine mammal MSP


International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife 5 (2016) 48e55


M. tho Seeth 1,2, N. Wente1, J. H. Paduch1, D. Klocke1, M. Hoedemaker2, V. Krömker1

Drying-off single udder quarters of dairy cattle during lactation using a casein hydrolysate


Milk Science International (69) 2016 P. 23-26


Fandan Meng1, Nai-Huei Wu1, Maren Seitz2,*, Georg Herrler1,* & Peter Valentin-Weigand 2,*

Efficient suilysin-mediated invasion and apoptosis in porcine respiratory epithelial cells after streptococcal infection under air-liquid interface conditions


Scientific Reports | 6:26748 2016 

DOI: 10.1038/srep26748 

Quynh Thu Nguyen1,2, Ulrike Wallner1, Marion Schmicke3, Dagmar Waberski 1*, Heiko Henning1,4*

Energy metabolic state in hypothermically stored boar spermatozoa using a revised protocol for efficient ATP extraction


Biology Open 2016 Supplementary information 

doi: 10.1242/bio.017954 

Aimara Bello1, Samuel Frei1,2, Martin Peters3, Anne Balkema-Buschmann4, Wolfgang BaumgaÈrtner1, Peter Wohlsein 1*

Spontaneous diseases in captive ratites (Struthioniformes) in northwestern Germany: A retrospective study


PLoS ONE 12(4): e0173873.


M. Ziesch and V. Krömker 

Factors influencing bacteriological cure after antibiotic therapy of clinical mastitis


Milk Science International (69) 2016 S. 7-14














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